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The Central Indiana Cage Bird Club (C.I.C.B.C.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving exotic birds in captivity and in the wild; parrot conservation, avian research and the education on the welfare of exotic birds.  The club strives to provide up-to-date information on proper health care for your bird(s) that included breeding, feeding, training, taming and environment; as well as other information of interest to bird owners.

C.I.C.B.C. is involved in a larger picture however, and that is the worldwide conservation of exotic bird life.  The Club endeavors to keep its members educated on related topics such as endangered species, habitat preservation, and improved breeding habits for all species of exotic birds to help eliminate extinction of any more birds.

C.I.C.B.C. is open to all persons interested in the welfare of, the breeding of, and the keeping of pet birds.  C.I.C.B.C. is proud of its membership, which includes many people who are well acquainted with birds.  Some are veterinarians, avian technicians, experienced breeders of all birds, and pet owners from the little canary to the large macaw.  C.I.C.B.C. members are always willing to share their knowledge and to help each other.

C.I.C.B.C. is for any person with an interest in birds.  Whether you are interested in the welfare of exotic birds; protecting exotic birds from extinction; exhibiting birds at a show; own one bird or one hundred birds; then this club is for you.  At the meetings, members have the opportunity to meet each other and to make new friends with people who share a common interest.

PURPOSE - from the bylaws
The purpose of the Central Indiana Cage Bird Club:
(1) Educate its members on matters pertaining to the environment, maintenance, diet, and well being of all species of birds.
(2) Encourage its members and the general public to breed and promote the welfare of all caged birds.
(3) Provide guidelines and rules to the officers and members for the professional operation of the Club.
(4) Give direction to the Club’s endeavors and to inspire harmony as the Club carries out its work.

Monthly meetings are held the second Saturday of each month. Meetings cover a wide range of topics, from live demonstrations to sessions on proper nutrition, veterinary care, conservation, etc.

Articles appearing in the newsletter ( or on the web site) for the Central Indiana Cage Bird Club may be reprinted in part or whole by other bird clubs in our exchange program for non-profit use providing proper credit is given to the author and The Central Indiana Cage Bird Club unless all rights are reserved.

The Central Indiana Cage Bird Club's name or logo can not be used without prior board approval.

Opinions expressed in articles and published in the newsletter (or on the Central Indiana Cage Bird Club web site) do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Editor, Officers, or Members of this club. The Central Indiana Cage Bird Club and it’s Editor assume no responsibility for advertiser's claims or the quality of their products.

The Editor reserves the right to edit and / or reject all editorial, photographic and advertising material submitted to the Central Indiana Cage Bird Club for publication.


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