The Central Indiana Cage Bird Club (C.I.C.B.C) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving exotic birds in captivity and in the wild; parrot conservation; avian research and the education on the welfare of exotic birds. The Club strives to provide up-to-date information on proper health care for your bird(s) that includes breeding, feeding, training, taming and environment - meaning how they are protected: as to its cage & fences, as well as other information of interest to bird owners.
The Club is a place where fellowship among companion bird owners, via monthly meetings and species socializing events occur.
The Club encourages its members and the general public to promote the welfare and breeding of all caged birds. We provide guidelines and rules to the officers and members for the professional operation of the Club and we give direction to the Club's endeavors and to inspire harmony as the Club carries out its work.

Who we are

The purpose of the Central Indiana Cage Bird Club is to
(1) Educate it's members on matters pertaining...
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Come and visit us

Central Indiana Cage Bird Club

Marion County Fairgrounds (Family Arts Building)
7300 E. Troy Avenue
Indianapolis, IN

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Bird fairs

Indiana Cage-Bird Club holds three bird fairs each year - Spring, Summer, and Fall
Admission fee to each fair is $4.00 (age 16 or older) and $3.00 for C.I.C.B.C. members

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